Madeleine Angevine

Madelein Angevine Lopez Island Vineyards Winery 1Madeleine Angevine
aka Mad Angie-  2016  $25

Serve slightly chilled.

With this variety, we strive to produce the quintessential seafood wine.  What could be more natural than a crisp dry white, grown in a region renowned for its seafood? 

Madeleine Angevine pairs well with many seafoods due to its delicate tropical and citrus fruit flavors, crisp acidity, and subtle herbal notes. This grape originates from the Loire Valley of France, also a marine influenced region, and is reminiscent of a Sancerre (a region within that valley.) We ferment this wine in neutral oak barrels to add to the complexity.

Looking for the ideal pairing to our region’s fine fresh seafood, including oysters, crab, cod, halibut or shrimp? You’ll want to select a wine that will compliment and accent, without covering the delicate flavors of these subtle foods.  Our own Lopez grown “Mad Angie” fits these requirements superbly.

Cool maritime climates help preserve the crisp acidity and nudge out the aromatic fruit flavors of the grapes grown in these locations.  A natural pairing: maritime regional wines with local fresh sea foods.

This wine is grown under WSDA Organic and Salmon Safe certifications.  We make this effort to do right by the environment assuring our farming does no harm to the aquatic and land based ecosystems around us.

2016 Vintage Notes:  This exceptionally warm year enabled our vines to ripen these grapes fully, giving extra lush fruit flavors.  Once Mad Angie reaches about 12 months of age, it integrates and becomes much more complex; ours is hitting that stride now.  We recommend setting a small amount aside so you have this ideal seafood pairing wine for next summer.