Raspberry Wine

Raspberry Wine Lopez Island VineyardsRASPBERRY WINE

Best Served Chilled-  $23

Sweet Taste of Summer:  This wine is reminiscent of a handful of fresh raspberries. It is finished with enough sweetness to be delicious served with chocolate or cheesecake, yet with its crisp acidity finishing clean on the palate, it can stand on its own as a dessert wine.

We source these organic grown berries from the Broer’s Family Farm near Monroe Washington.  Their farm has been in the family for multiple generations, exacting a love and care that only comes from a deep relationship to the land. Frozen right after harvest, we bring the berries to Lopez, allowing us to preserve that field ripe flavor for our wine. We use a much higher percentage of berries in our wine than is common in the industry; juice is extracted and fermented cool, bringing forth the strongest of aromas and flavors.

This wine, like our others, is made to be a food-friendly wine, balancing fruit and acidity. In the finish, we strive for them to taste like a handful of fresh berries: full of flavor, sweet, but tart and refreshing.